Coming Full Circle

The port city of Paranaeth, Lukia.

Kyas examined the keen edge of the elegant long sword. It was razor sharp and shone brightly in the morning sun. Kyas felt the weight. It was well balanced and not too heavy.

“A fine blade,” confirmed the merchant. Kyas nodded and continued to examine the blade. “For you I’ll only charge fifteen pieces of gold.”

It was a princely sum of money but in no way out of his price range.

“No thanks,” smiled Kyas as he replaced the blade and continued along the market. Read the rest of this entry »

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Beyond the Call

Chapter One

The young boy hoisted the small sturdy wooded side table up with all his might and staggered away from the wagon. Despite its size the table was deceptively heavy as it was made from the dense mahogany wood. The young boy, Bron, was also only ten. He made his way down the stone steps leading to the side entrance of the mighty stone keep. At the door his father, who was coming out, took the table from him.

“Boy,” he growled, “I said take the small stuff. I will handle these.” He took the table in one hand.

“It wasn’t that heavy pa,” he panted, looking up at the big man.

Despite his gruff nature Arlen was a kind man and he loved his son more than life itself. He however kept up a mask most of the time of a tough, mercenary veteran. But those days were long past. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chapter one
Barely daring to breathe Nemesis held his position and watched the terrified gunman shoot glances left, right, up, and behind him as he stumbled over the rubble, heading for the exit and a false sense of security.
He was the last of his crew that foolishly decided to go looting deep in the Hell Zone. Four other raiders lay spread out in the ruins, dead, not knowing what hit them. Nemesis hardly wished to waist a valuable bullet on this trash so he held his wicked pig-sticker low, ready to strike. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chapter one
Ducking low, Jack Haskell avoided the massive roundhouse right from the streetwise Bull Mackey. The heavy set veteran followed up with a swift uppercut, whose speed was deceptive, given his meaty physique. Jack managed to step back just in time to avoid that too. Being only sixteen Jack still had some growing to do. He however did not have a bad build at all for his age at 5’9” and 154 lbs, and was no monkey in a fight. Read the rest of this entry »

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